X-Men 17-18

Magneto's New Master Plan!

Lost in the action (Magneto vs. the X-Men for the second time since issue 1) and the suspense (the X-Men trapped in a high-altitude balloon), is this nondescript panel.

That's right, two people sleeping on beds. Not just anybody though. These two are Warren Worthington III's parents. Here because Magneto wants to use their mutant-creating genes to create his very own mutant army.

We also have this insane little panel

Anybody who's ever seen Magneto use his 'Magnetic attraction' apart from this one time raise your hand, or please, email me. I bet that they used it here then forgot about it; for good reason.

Magneto uses his cunning and power here for an interesting  two-issue fight, though not as good as the Claremont-Byrne Magneto/X-Men fight underneath the Antarctic.

In keeping with the 'Magnetic attraction' bit, the ending is a bit Archie Comics.

Remember the last time Magneto showed up in an X-Men comic? He was kidnapped by the cosmic entity, the Stranger. Apparently the Master of Magnetism used his powers to get back. But look who Professor X summons to 'fetch' him.

Yup. The Stranger. Then we have Magneto cut out with the Stranger in hot pursuit. That's a great way to end a Looney Tunes comic alright.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 8, 2011

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