X-Men 12-13, 32-33, 46

The Juggernaut

These five X-Men issues are all about the Juggernaut. That said, it's time to consult the sacred books of OHOTMU, also known as the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. Witness . .

The Juggernaut is six-foot-ten and nine hundred pounds; he has class 100 strength (same as Thor and the non-angry Hulk); he does not need food, water or air. Once he moves in a particular direction no force on Earth can stop him.

I also really love how he looks. Jack Kirby did a spectacular design (the only one I like better is Kirby's Galactus).

So we have three story arcs, one appearing in issues 12-13, very early in the series. The other one towards the middle - issues 32-33. And then a relatively shorter appearance in issue 46. Storywise, we have Stan Lee doing the two early issues, including Juggy's origin, and Roy Thomas doing the other issues. Artwise, it's Kirby and Alex Toth for 12; Kirby and Werner Roth for 13; then Werner Roth for the later issues.

In 12 and 13 Stan Lee focuses on the sheer power of the Juggernaut, the unstoppability aspect. In 32 and 33, Roy Thomas gives a wonderful tale centered on the mystical aspect of the Juggernaut. This is, after all, a being created, not by science, but by Cyttorak - a mystical diety usually invoked by Dr. Strange. Issue 46 takes us deeper into Juggernaut's relationship with his half-brother, Professor X.

Let me leave you with a mighty punch courtesy of the late, great Werner Roth.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 6, 2011

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