X-Men 24

Where In The World Is The Locust?

Tell me this isn't a neat super-power for a villain :

The villain if issue 24 is a former college professor who calls himself the Locust and he's invented a device that makes insects gigantic. Here, he's creating some giant wasps.

 Compared to other Marvel villains, this power has lots of potential - but beyond this issue we never see the Locust again. Part of why this done-in-one issue is so satisfying is because it answers why the Locust never pops up again (Technically that isn't correct - I remember John Byrne drawing the Locust as part of a panel in issue 139 of Uncanny X-men - a recap issue) .

This one-shot villains have been done before but I appreciate how Roy Thomas took the time to explain both the identity and motivations of the Locust. This really adds dimension to the character. The engaging storyline does the rest.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 10, 2011

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