X-Men 28

Why Is The Banshee A Villain Here?

At first I was the X-Men's Banshee because Werner Roth draws his feature's differently. But, yes, this is Sean Cassidy - the X-Man we all know from the Chris Claremont years.

This is his first appearance, circa 1967, and I was very surprised to see him come out as a villain. It's not as straightfoward as it sounds but all will be explained in this issue.

One character I also really liked is this guy.

He's the Ogre; a non-mutant. Because the Ogre is built heavy like Hank, and is competent in applied science, also like Hank. I can't help but think that this is what Hank might have become without the powers of the Beast. The Ogre comes across as an iron-man light. He's no heavy hitter to be sure, but still, a very likeable fellow as villains go.

Or maybe I jut like him because he did this to the Mimic.

That's good too.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 11, 2011

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