Spectacular Spider-Man 21

The Scorpion Goes After J. Jonah Jameson!

scorpion tangles with spider-man

It's obvious that Bill Mantlo wrote this issue being well aware that Peter Parker's name is on the cover. After starting the tale by establishing the awesome Scorpion as this issue's villain, we quickly dive into the world of Peter Parker; and not just a panel or two - several pages. I agree with this treatment. I always thought that the way to go would be more of Parker in Spectacular and then pure Spider-Man in the pages of Amazing.

Anyway, another thing we get here is a capsule history of the Scorpion - origin, main battles, and current motivation. With Spider-Man and the Scorpion in the same weight class, the fight is a straightforward fistfight. This issue is as plain vanilla as it gets. If it wasn't for such a visually arresting villain as the Scorpion this issue would have bombed (due to sheer boredom). But it is the Scorpion and he livens things up for a solid  issue.   

Posted by  Pete Albano - May 6, 2011 

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spectacular spider-man 21 cover

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