Spectacular Spider-Man 104

The Rocket Racer Is Just Trying To Make Ends Meet

"My friends call me Spider-Man! You can call me 'Sir'!" -
Spider-Man, right before he punches Bounty Hunter to save Rocket Racer's life

I'm guilty of judging a villain by his name. When I heard about Rocket Racer, I thought S-T-U-P-I-D. Well, I'm taking it all back. If you're a kid and you have brains to make yourself some gear, you'll go with the super-skateboard and call yourself Rocket Racer - it makes perfect sense.

What drew me to this issue was the art. This is Giarrano's second work after doing an issue of Marvel Team-Up - he would later do a ton of DC work. Here's a sample of Giarrano's art.

art sample

I find it very clean and beautiful. Definitely exceptional quality. This kind of art needs only a good story to make the issue.

That said, we're in luck, writing is by the untouchable Bill Mantlo. Bill really builds up on the character called the Bounty Hunter. As the issue progresses the Hunter is a character you'll love to hate. Every bit of clobber Spidey throws his way becomes a punch worth throwing.

Get your copy now online.

Bill Mantlo, the writer of this comic, met with an accident in 1992 and has been in institutional care ever since. Find out what happened to him here.  Ways to donate to Bill Mantlo's care are all over the web. If you can, please help him out.

Posted by  Pete Albano - July 26, 2011

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