Spectacular Spider-Man 67

I Love Boomerang!


By this time, Bill Mantlo has done so many consistently good Spectacular Spider-Man stories that his name has become a brand. Mantlo = good writing. And this issue is no exception.

So the question is will Ed Hannigan's art (a) ruin Mantlo's plot (b) not get in the way of a good story by at least being competently illustrated or (c) add a whole new dimension to the tale and enhance the story. The answer is (b). This is not superstar artwork (see the sample art below)  but it carries the tale very well and some panels are truly wonderful.

For those of you who like a story to finish within the space of an issue this is good news. We begin at the beginning and the last panel proclaims an 'End' to a satisfying read.

Why exactly was this good? First of all Boomerang is a fun villain to watch - an absolute expert with his weapons and those boot jets are so good they must be Tony Stark tech. Boomerang's entertaining antics are done within a subplot involving the Kingpin - whom Boomerang is trying to impress by killing Spider-Man.

The other subplot involves the private battles of one Peter Parker. If you're having a bad day, pick this up - Peter is having a worst one. We are also given the wonderful, and logical, revelation that Peter has an addiction to being Spider-Man; it has become a necessary part of his life to put on the costume and swing around the city on his webline. He is happy out there; it keeps him sane.

Here is an art sample of Ed Hannigan's work :


Posted by  Pete Albano - July 20, 2011

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