Spectacular Spider-Man 80

J. Jonah Jameson Goes Back To Walking The Beat As A Reporter

"In my day we didn't wait for assignments to find us - we went out and looked for 'em!" - J. Jonah Jameson

The plot of this issue is simple enough: J. Jonah Jameson drops the Publisher routine for a while and goes out for a story as a reporter. It's a dangerous assignment, but, unknown to Jamesonm his trusty freelance photographer, Peter, goes along to watch his back as Spider-Man.

I like this issue very much because it's a J. Jonah Jameson issue, and that's rare, this is probably the only one apart from his excellent segments in Busiek's Marvels. This is certainly the only one in all two hundred and sixty three issues of Spectacular Spider-Man.

Artwork is unexceptional but competently done by Frenz, here's a sample :

j jonah jameson in action

Bill Mantlo, the writer of this comic, met with an accident in 1992 and has been in institutional care ever since. Find out what happened to him here.  Ways to donate to Bill Mantlo's care are all over the web. If you can, please help him out.

Posted by  Pete Albano - July 21, 2011

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