Spectacular Spider-Man 103

Peter David Writes Spider-Man

Welcome to Peter David, the soon to be legendary writer of The Incredible Hulk. Right away David proves his writing chops with this tale, as three college kids decide to play a prank on the Spider.

David plays it straight at the beginning and keeps things interesting with references to both the Batman and Star Wars. As the story concludes, some surprising and welcome twists are introduced that validates David's reputation as one of the finer writers out there.

The art too is a notch above Mooney's or Milgrom. I'd put Buckler in the same level as Hannigan (see my art sample below). Buckler is a controversial artist though, he's been accused of swiping art from other artists, but then again, this is just a wikipedia entry. Here's an entry by Rich Buckler in Dimensions of the Groovy Kind.

No serious battles this issue but prank and counter-prank (hint) is a nice thing to see.

Rich Buckler's art from this issue :

art sample

Posted by  Pete Albano - July 26, 2011

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