Spectacular Spider-Man 117

The Black Cat Invades Dr. Strange's House

Look at the number or inkers and letterers involved in this issue. I wonder what happened? And why is Rich Buckler credited as 'Storyteller'? Does this mean he co-wrote with Peter David? Now that I think about it, I do detect a bit of watering down compared to David's usual solid work - must be Buckler sticking his business were it doesn't belong. In particular, the sudden alliance between Black Cat and Foreigner seems out of character for Felicia. A blemish, to be sure, but not enough to keep this from being an excellent read.

Many subplots here, swirling around the issue, forming the genesis of future storylines. My favorite subplot is when Black Cat tries to enter Dr. Strange's Greenwhich Village mansion without permission. I have always been fond of the Greenwhich house and the Dr. Strange stories and Defender tales have always mentioned that it was mystically protected. This issue gives us a ringside seat on what that means exactly; and its fun seeing Felicia encountering the mystic defenses.

Art by Dwayne Turner is exceptional as you can see by the sample below. That's Black Cat's new costume. Definitely a step in the wrong direction. Bring back the black body suit with fur trimmings!

art sample

Posted by  Pete Albano - July 28, 2011

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