Spectacular Spider-Man 72

Doc Ock's Greatest Fan

Another wonderful done-in-one issue by the team of Mantlo and Hannigan.

Look at that cover, eye-catching isn't it. Some kid from long, long ago thought so too. I first saw this issue when I kid in a comic shop I was in attempted to shoplift this very issue. The store owner caught him in the act.

We have Peter Parker's apartment getting burglarised in this story. I know what it's like to have one's home broken into, it happened to me once. The feeling of violation, of anger. I could do nothing about it but Peter Parker is Spider-Man. I truly enjoyed the part when he went after those thieves.

The burglary is just a subplot. The main plot involves Ollie, a lonely kid who idolizes Doctor Octopus. Ollie has enough smarts to make his version of Doc Ock's metal arms and he goes off on a kid's rampage. At one point he enters this unreal toy store. It's depicted so grandly by Hannigan that no toy store could be this fantastic and still turn a profit. You've got to see that store - it's amazing.

Even more amazing is Mantlo's writing. He does not get a plot detail or a piece of dialogue wrong. Pacing and mood is spot on, from the low key start gently sliding us into the tale to the satisfying ending.  I wonder if some other writer picked up on Ollie after this? That kid has potential.

Here is an art sample of Ed Hannigan's work from this issue :

swinging spider-man

Posted by  Pete Albano - July 21, 2011

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spectacular spider-man 72 cover

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