Spectacular Spider-Man 100

The Spot Cometh

I love the Spot (the crazy black and white character your see on the cover) - primarily because of the way he's presented. It's a very light mood when he's around. I heard that one of the reason's Al Milgrom lost the writing job for Spectacular was because Shooter didn't like these goofy issues like 99 here - which is a four star issue for me.

At this point, I can say that it's rare for a Spectacular Spider-Man issue to make my Exceptional ranking without either Bill Mantlo or Roger Stern at the writing helm. Al Milgrom shows he can write as well as draw - the total creator package. He doesn't do as well for the next issue. Issue 100 is off-pace, dragging so much early on, I almost fell asleep. But 99 is fine, it somehow feels longer than it is but the transitions are handled very dynamically.

I also love the subtle way Milgrom shows us the small hairline fractures that are beginning to form around the relationship between Spider-Man and the Black Cat. Somehow this, and the Black Cat's worries about certain secrets of her being revealed, is an effective backdrop to the Spidey/Spot action sequences; which are not to be missed.

Guest artist Herb Trimpe drops by. He's an old favorite of mine form the Hulk series. Nothing really exceptional but take note of the extra-fine linework and the beautiful face shots - particularly of the Black Cat - on par with Marie Severin.

If you like the Spot you can also see him in Amazing Spider-Man 589, appropriately titled "The Return of the Spot!".

Herb Trimpe art from this issue :


Posted by  Pete Albano - July 25, 2011

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