Spectacular Spider-Man 83

The Arraignment Of The Punisher

In the mood for all-out action? Want to see Spidey beating up on an despicable villain in a classic tussle? Well you've come to the wrong place. That's right, the wrong place. this comic hardly has any action at all but still comes in at four stars.

Another thing it doesn't have is exceptional art. LaRoque is good, as you can see in the sample below, but he's nothing to right home about.

Now you might be wondering, why the recommendation for this issue?

First of all,  the Black Cat. She is drawn so fetchingly that whenever she comes into the scene she somehow improves the comic. For those of you who consider Megan Fox's inclusion in the Transformers movies to be a plus, you know what I mean. For those of you who happen to be less than impressed with Ms. Fox, I've got other reasons for you to consider this comic . . .

This comic is an excellent addition to the Punisher canon, and, by extension, to the general lore of the Marvel Universe. It shows the arraignment of the Punisher for his actions as a vigilante.

Before we get to the court scene we have a scene at the Bugle were Ben Reilly, at the instigation of J. Jonah, gives a capsule origin of the Punisher.

That's right - Daily Bugle scene then court scene then end of issue. No costumes and lots of dialogue. And what dialogue, I loved every line - engrossing, logical and entertaining.

Try this comic out and be surprised as I was.

Greg LaRoque sample are from this issue:

the black cat jumps

Bill Mantlo, the writer of this comic, met with an accident in 1992 and has been in institutional care ever since. Find out what happened to him here.  Ways to donate to Bill Mantlo's care are all over the web. If you can, please help him out.

Posted by  Pete Albano - July 24, 2011

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