Spectacular Spider-Man 47 & 48

A Showcase Of Marie Severin Art

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I'm only guessing, but somebody must have noticed the less then stellar art in the Spectacular books of late and rang the alarm - Spidey, after all, is a major Marvel character. Last issue , Mike Zeck brought his A-game, and this issue - surprise, surprise - Marie Severin turns in some strong art. Look closely at Severin's art, you'll notice that she does fine details on the panels with no super-heroes in them. I thinks that's great and wonderfully refreshing - I'm looking at the Peter Parker panels and really getting into the linework.

Art is solid. What about the story? Very nice. This is Belladonna's second appearance after her introduction in issue 43. Don't bother picking up that issue, it's a waste of your time and money - storywise and specially the art. I'll give you the Belladonna backgrounder right here: Belladonna leads a bunch of thugs against targets in the fashion industry. She keeps her identity secret and uses a chemical gas before busting in on a raid. Spider-Man managed to foil her caper in issue 43 but she managed to escape. And with that you can settle down to these two excellent issues.

The Prowler is an excellent addition to the tale. I like this villain - those super-strong gauntlets are fantastic - and the twist about this being the second Prowler just adds to the richness of the plot. I'm really starting to enjoy Roger Stern's writing.

Posted by  Pete Albano - July 17, 2011 

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