Spectacular Spider-Man 113

You're Spider-Man, Then Some Gang Members Break Into Your House . . .

The art in this issue is a showcase of stupendous talent. Wonderful detail in all of the panels. Here's a sample of Bob McLeod's art:

art sample

On the basis of the art alone this issue makes four stars. Just sit and flip through it and enjoy every panel like the art lover that you are.

But this issue gives more than that. Peter David entertains us with a story that has no super-villains. Most of the events happen inside Aunt May's house during a hostage situation. The dialogue and setting is engaging; reminding me of an Ed Brubaker or Greg Rucka comic.

The last scene has Nathan Lubensky doing something to get the main criminal killed - it draws a negative reaction from Aunt May, and from a lesser extent, from Peter. It's thought provoking , for my part I agree with Nathan - having that young man down for the count spares everybody else further grief.

Posted by  Pete Albano - July 26, 2011

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